Monday, February 12, 2018

There are increased tensions along Israel’s northern border with Syria.  Last Saturday morning a drone from Syria violated Israel’s airspace and was shot down.  Israel retaliated by an attack on the base from which the drone was launched.  During the incursion into Syria, one Israeli jet was hit by an anti-aircraft missile and crashed in Israel (the two pilots bailed out and survived).  Late Saturday and Sunday, Israel attacked the anti-aircraft sites.  Except for the drone incursion, the military activities have been limited to Syria.  While the northern part of Israel is on high alert, the tensions in that area have not affected Jerusalem or the areas where the students are scheduled to go on field trips in the next month.  There appears to be little interest in escalating the tensions on the part of the Syrians or by Russian and Iranian forces in Syria, so it’s likely that this is the end of the matter for now.